Industrial Inspiration: Why Steampunk is for you!



It’s a little known style that has been taking the fashion world by storm- there’s just so much to love about the Steampunk look! It’s vibrant for a start- despite featuring a lot of gun metal greys, there is a lot of colour in the Steampunk style. Do you love tailored clothes that flatter? Steampunk is the way to go for fitted leather corsets and buckled waistbands. Most importantly there is the fantasy too- pick a character! Be anything from a space highwayman to a sexy street urchin. There is so much scope to make it a really personal look.

But what about when it comes to jewellery? How about the finer aspects of Steampunk? Are these just as important?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Steampunk as a fashion statement is all about the smaller details. Think cogs and wheels, shiny metal surfaces as well as sharp edges. Mix brasses and leather for the quintessential look. I adore the finer details found on aviator styled goggles as well as the decorated buckles one can find. Adding these ideas to jewellery and there is no stopping you! Here are some of the results:


I love the look of a Steampunk watch! After all there are the cogs and wheels that are so reminiscent of the style. Iv’e used elements in this watch to bring about a real sense of the mechanical: Take a look at the chains, the genetle filigree detail around the clock face as well as the faceted stones that a featured. There is just enough of the ‘precious’ to make this Steampunk watch a wonderful piece for a special occasion. Watches are naturally wearable pieces of jewellery when worn comfortably around the wrist. Make your Steampunk watch a part of your everyday glamour at work or at play!



Despite being such a dramatic looking jewellery style, one can actually find that smaller and subtle pieces work just as well. Even if all the accessorizing you do is a statement ring, this could be all that one needs. Especially if it happens to be a Steampunk inspired ring. This jewelled piece features a hint of gold and two faceted gems for good measure. Although not a clock, the shapes are heavily inspired by quartz movement. It’s the mix of colours and metallics too that is so alluring. One of these will go well with practically any other jewelled piece, great also when worn alone!


Along with the brighter colours, some might prefer the more subtle shades too. This steampunk inspired ring uses actual watch parts in it’s make up. Partly concealed there are also light lilac and deep purple gemstones added. The ring back is adjustable so can be worn on any finger or thumb. A light and sophisticated piece for those wanting to make a Steampunk style statement. A ring  that can be worn with the rest of one’s steampunk outfit or even as a single piece to go with a smart work outfit- there’s still something a little bit rebellious about it!

Steampunk can be worn in lots of different ways, most notably as great jewellery pieces. Take a look at the collection at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop for more industrial inspiration!


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