Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Leopard prints and animal motifs will always be in fashion, no matter what time of the year it is. Bright and bold patterns can look fabulous in the summer, while the more demure prints are awesome for autumn. Wild accents can be just as effective when on pieces of jewellery too, have that leopard print set of earrings or brooch in your jewellery box? Maybe you have something with a cat or fox motif? There’s no better time to wear them than now! I love recreating the wild look in my own work, here is just a taster! 

Animal motifs are everywhere this season! They have been a popular look for a while now. Look out for animal head styled fastenings and links on jewellery. It’s these smaller details that make up these beautiful pieces of jewellery. Combining my love of mixing materials with colour, this piece is made from leather and metals. Find two leopard heads adorning the front of the piece, they are part of a stylish buckle. Hard wearing, this is a piece of arm candy that can be worn over and over again.


Leopard print is a wild style no matter where it is worn. Here it’s seen on the large statement pendant of this shell necklace. Top marks go to this piece for wearability! The pendant is combined beautifully with gold coloured links and faceted gems, it’s a piece that will go with practically anything. It’s very easy to wear too, a longer length necklace, all one needs to do is slip it on and you’re good to go. A nice piece to go with low cut tops or even when jazzing up a plain blouse.


Foxy fashion has never been hotter! This flexible torque necklace features one of Britain’s most loved creatures- the Fox! How could these amazing creatures not be special? Their stunning red coats and playful nature make these a great part of local wildlife- if not a little rowdy in the early hours. What better way to celebrate our favorite creature than with a chic torque necklace. It’s easy to wear and light enough to last all day.

Whether it’s leopard prints, tiger or zebra stripes, wildlife is the way to go with your jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy!



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