Dressing up your gems at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Getting the right accessories in time for that swish evening do is all well and good, but what about dressing them up? Finding the right outfit to go with your favorite pieces is just as important as the jewellery itself. So here are some of my ideas on how you can dress up those gems for any occasion!


A peter pan collar has that really summer girly efect on any outfit, it’s a sweet innocent look that can work well with almost anything. We are used to seeing it on pretty floral blouses and plain vintage styled shift dresses. The beaded collar necklace takes it’s cue from both fashion and accessories. Use this necklace as a makeshift collar to spruce up practically anything- Have that plain necked skater dress for example? A jewelled detail at the neckline could be all that it needs. Colour and pattern clashing is perfectly acceptable too, the bright coral and turquoise could match up nicely with bright stripes or florals for a vibrant summer look- but be careful with how bold these patterns are- too loud might take things to extreme, instead a monochromed day dress could be just the ticket.


Arm candy is the way to go this summer- whether it’s jelly bracelets or beaded ones. However for a more sleeker look you could opt for these noodle bead bracelets. A set of cords are attached from the link and feature metallic beads.  The natural waxed cotton is a lighter way to brighten up wrists in a more delicate way. Wear these alone or team them up as a bundle, you can choose from both gold and silver versions of this design. They are so light that they will fit right in with almost anything, These pieces are very wearable for the daytime as well as at night. A gold tone noodle bead bracelet will be vibrant enough to be worn in the evening. Silver is naturally a more universal of the metallics, team it with a simple t-shirt for effortless daytime chic!


Larger statement pieces are just as stylish with your outfit. Take this double stranded silver necklace with amber and swarovski crystals, it can be worked with plain t-shirt for a boho daytime look. A great style for a casual lunch date with friends. Looking for a dressier look? The bohemian chic style can be a good one for the evening too, this necklace would work well with low cut blouses or dresses. Once again, colour and pattern clashing is acceptable when it comes to summer outfits, even more so with the delicate details that feature on this neck piece.

Jewellery is a flexible part of any outfit. Take a look at the pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy for your summertime accessory inspiration!


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