Have a Gothic Winter at Fruttituttibeadcandy

All things Gothic make for a timeless trend, these darkly ornate pieces are not just for Halloween either. I adore working with the darker colours. As a style rule they tend to go with pretty much everything. Team a Gothic looking bracelet, ring or necklace with anything that you may have in your wardrobe this season. They also work well with other pieces of jewellery too. Taking the Gothic as inspiration here are some of my newest dark based pieces:

Gothic and Victoriana go together hand in hand. This piece is inspired by all things vintage. Birdcages and all things antiqu have always inspired me. I decided to bring this love together in this piece. Although it has a wrought iron look it is in fact cleverly disguised! This piece is made from enameled metal mixed with delicate lilac beads. The selection of different charms make this a great sentimental piece for someone close.

Sticking with the theme of blackened metals, this stunning Gothic necklace is a versatile piece. It can be worn with your work clothes because it is so delicate. A fabulous way to express your love for all things on the dark side on an everyday basis. There is more than a hint of the Victoriana in this necklace too.  Keys, wings and a very cute red heart crystal make this necklace something special in a sentimental way.

The dark and decadent can make for some of the most attractive looks around. Roses are normally associated with romance and the summer when they bloom- but what about dark roses? I find that these roses are deliciously sumptuous in a dark way. The perfect Gothic head piece for a night out!

Looking for something to celebrate the darker months with? Pick up something Gothic from Fruttituttibeadcandy for the festive season!


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