Glam stars: Kim’s jewels

Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest stars in the world right now. Starting out as a model and famed for her sultry dark looks Kim has gone onto do great things. She’s one of the stars in hit reality TV show ‘The Kardashians’ as well as known for her high profile relationship with rapper Kanye West. She is also a star who loves her bling, something she has in common with the rest of us! Here we take a look at a few examples of Kim’s totally hot style when it comes to her jewellery.

Kim wearing a Greek style chocker necklace.

Kim wearing a Greek style choker necklace.

Simple and chic is a classical look especially when it comes to choker styled necklaces. Think of the beauties of ancient Greece and Rome. That swirling design is a traditional and ultra flattering look. Kim wears this gold choker necklace that sits beautifully on her decolletage. Teamed with a cute pair of earrings, her hair is tied up which shows off the cute necklace.



This overstated and showy piece looks stunning on the star.

There’s nothing like an overstated piece- everyone should have a big and bold piece in our jewellery boxes. These jewels are the ones that make a real impact on any outfit. Finding the right necklace as well as ring or bracelet is especially important now that party season is almost upon us. This piece looks amazing on Kim as she steps out on to the red carpet.


Kim showing us that less can be more when it comes to her jewellery.

As well as looking elegant, Kim Kardashian shows us that she can do a graceful casual chic too. Here she is spotted doing the layed effect with her jewellery. A shorter chain is mixed with a longer one with chunky statement pendant. It’s stunningly simple and works very well with this cool day outfit.

For your own collection of classical easy to do day wear as well as elegant evening chic head on down to Fruttituttibeadcandy!



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