Worn this way: Lady Gaga’s jewels!

She is not a star who is known for wearing very much these days, especially in those very semi naked video’s. Lady Gaga has been papped in some of the most extreme outfits to date. She is at home wearing a dress made from raw meat as well as a pair of mickey mouse ears! But when Lady Gaga does step out onto the red carpet she really knows how to wow with her jewellery! ‘Dramatic’ is the keyword with her look. Here are just some scintillating gems the star has been spotted in.

Clustering is a hot jewellery look no matter what the season. Piling on the thinner rings and bracelets is the way to go! The singer pictured draped in gold, nothing strange there you maybe thinking? It’s not the gold but more like where she is wearing the metallic pieces. This hand jewellery is some of the most unique with gold flake like pieces put together making the singers hands look truly unforgettable!


Not so much jewellery as body adornment- this feathered headpiece stands out miles! But it is very in keeping with the Mother Monster’s style. One of the nicest things about this star is her constant need to challenge all things to do with body adornment. For example, is this feathered creation a hat or a headpiece? This could certainly be transferred to a smaller scale and made into a very chic fascinator! Just perfect for party season! Outlandish and overstated this piece is truly magnificent and surely serves her well.


When it comes down to a haute couture style, Lady Gaga instinctively knows how to work sleek red carpet style. Here she is accessorizing with a retro pair of shades and oversized stud earrings. These are all the extra’s she needs along with the gold straps of the outfit she is wearing. Simple, chic and very effective for this normally outrageous star!




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