Celebrate Spring with Florals!

After a long dark winter, we are finally starting to see more daylight as well as colour. Tiny buds will soon be beautiful blooms and bird song will fill the skies! Too corny for you? Why not celebrate spring in a more stylish way with your accessorising? I adore florals, not only for their amazing look but the fact that they are so positive in nature. The brighter the colour the better in my books, although there is a place for the more subtle hints of flowers that can be so adorable. I’ve been working on my collection of flora-inspired jewellery. Here are a few of my latest pieces just for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy:

Statement jewellery has never been hotter! Find giant gems and longer length chains all the rage at the moment, but it’s not all about sparkly stones take a look at pearls for a subtle and very stylish necklace. This piece has it all and then some, find drama in it’s bucket loads with this piece. Although delightfully spiky, there are pearls at the end of each. Secured fast, each makes this necklace feel super comfy when worn. If it’s a ‘festival princess’ or ‘flower fairy’ you want to be, then this is the necklace for you!


Fairytales and jewellery have gone hand in hand for years, fantasy themed jewellery is a big hit and never seems to go out of fashion. Whether you are into angel wings or dragons, look towards jewellery to make your dreams come true! Keep your little bird with you at all times with this sweetest bird cage and dragonfly necklace. It’s a super feminine piece with it’s pretty pink and peach beads. There are a millon ways you can wear your flower and feminine-inspired jewellery this season: Wear this with your floaty summer dress and crown of flowers for an amazing festival look!


Love big and bold florals? Adore the look of statement rings? This will be the perfect combination for those who do. Big and sparkly with it’s hot pink gemstone at the centre, the delicate filigree outer has the sense of a snowflake or indeed a flower. It’s oversized and will undoubtedly get you noticed wherever you wear it. This ring can be made in any colour you like? Have a design in mind that you would like to see made up? Why not get in touch and we can create your own special piece together!


Find fabulous florals as well as all kinds of amazing pieces, ready to wear at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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