Spooky Gothic Fun at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

There’s a while yet before Halloween, but there’s nothing stopping us from getting out gorgeous ghoullery on! (sorry) But on a serious note, jewels do speak volumes about us and our style. Are you a lady who loves to wear sparkly gems? Perhaps you love the cuter pieces that will undoubtedly mark you out from the crowd. With my collection, I adore creating jewellery that will be spoken about as well as noticed from afar. The jewels that go to prove that all things hand made are just as precious, even more so than the mass produced. My latest creations are aimed for any one with a fun take on the fiendish-do you love vampires and zombies? Then these are for you! 


Love The Walking Dead, or even chuckled at Shaun of the Dead? These movies make Zombies the star attraction and it’s easy to see why. They are ghoulish and gruesome, just perfect for those who love the more gothic look. Why not show your love for the un dead with a cute zombie brooch? This little fella comes complete with mummy bandages and a hanging out eye ball. Perfect for freaking out your friends in a cute way! This stringy haired creature has a safe and secure pin back, so he won’t be running away from your collar or bag anytime soon!


A fan of Caspar the Friendly Ghost? Maybe it’s just the ‘cute’ that you love in all things retro? Take a peep at this sweet little vintage styled ghost. This little chap will keep you company wherever you go. It’s super sweet looking too, so will only haunt you in a nice way. The perfect piece for any outfit with an alternative and Gothic twist. Wear your ghost brooch on a short skirt, collar, bag or even as part of a Halloween themed headpiece. Like all the fabric brooches I make, you can be sure that it’s safely attached to a strong pin brooch.


From Dracula to the gorgeous Edward Cullen, what is there not to love about Vampires? Just one look and they will have you under their spell- the same goes for the Count Feltula right here! Created from the softest felt, there’s no mistaking those fangs and batwings. This is Vampire Gothic style at it’s absolute best! Let this monocled wonder flap around your amazing outfit this season. The Count will make a statement wherever he goes, and is sure to attract some admiring glances from your friends – just keep an eye on him because he is the most mischievous out of the three!




Want to create an alternative or Gothic look with a fun twist? Enter my creative castle of all things creepy cute at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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