Transitional Jewellery for the Season

The UK is known for it’s quirky weather. Yes we are also known for the rain and constantly grey skies. But that’s not to say that we don’t have the occasional warm day even in the winter. That being said, it’s always a good idea to have ‘transitional’ accessories on hand for any type of day. These are the pieces that ill brighten up dull days as well as fit right in during the warmer months. It’s these jewels that will see you through the whole year. I love how certain necklaces for example, can work beautifully with an office outfit as well as a summer dress- accessories that will really get you out of a style rut! Here are some of my favorites…


Although an autumnal piece, I love the idea of wearing this necklace year round. Firstly, it’s lightweight, you will hardly know that it’s on. Then there is the decorative aspects of the piece, the dainty gems that adorn it. Made from a suede leather throng, knotted at the beads to keep them in place, this highly wearable necklace has got ‘transitional’ written all over it! It’s effortless chic and will instantly brighten up anything it’s worn with! A beautiful gift for a special lady or yourself.


Turquoise has a real timeless quality to it- one that I adore. It’s also known as a gemstone that has healing qualities too. The light blue’s lend themselves to this being a summer stone, however, the lightness of the beads and the bright silver accents of the chain mean this necklace can last you seasons in terms of style! Wear it as a boho accessory in June, team it with a dark coloured or patterned wrap dress in November or December for a chic accent. Turquoise is a tough stone too, so wear it as much as you like without worrying that it will chip or crack.


It’s the special shimmering quality about this piece that makes it a year-round necklace! The multi faceted stones all have an aurora borealis finish to them and jingle with every movement of the wearer. The deep green works as well in summer as it does in the depths of winter. It’s pine fresh shade could even be worn as a Christmas piece. It’s fun as well as very on trend, wear this very gem of a necklace through the Christmas party season and beyond!

How will you be seeing in this New Years? Is a style change on your New Year’s Resolution list? Take a look at the accessories on offer at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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