Purple Fantasy at Fruttituttibeadcandy

It’s one of the most dynamic colours imaginable, purple with a twist of the dynamic, the dreamy as well as the fierce! There is so much to love about purple in all it’s forms. Wearing purple on your person, using it in a home accessory or even creating art with those stunning violets will turn heads! So much so that I have a whole collection of amazing purple accessories created just for Fruttituttibeadcandy. Whether you are a subtle siren or a gregarious gal, there is something purple for you at fruttituttibeadcandy:  


Bling in purple will stand out miles and will be just perfect for this summer’s look. Bright and exciting jewelled pieces are perfect ways to spruce up a daytime outfit. Chainmaille is just one of the ways to do this at Fruttituttibeadcandy! This six in one weave aluminium bracelet cuff is the way to go for unique and one off. Handmade by me, there’s guarenteed to be none other like it. But if it really is ofne-off you are looking for, contact me and we can make up a bracelet or set just right for you.



This violet wonder is a beauty to behold on your bag! Created with silver links and a variety of different glass beads featured in a amazing purple. But this versatile little accessory will make a huge difference to your style no matter if it’s on your keys, bag, lanyard or necklace as a funky pendant. It’s so easy to clip on too with no fussy keyrings. Just lock it in place and you are good to go with this accessory with a difference.


Softer lilacs are just as pretty when it comes to picking out the right purple for your outfit, regardless of whether it’s for work or play. This shade is soft and feminine to the core, perfect for the lovely lady-likes out there who enjoy dressing to impress. There is a sense of the eclectic with this piece, the soft chenille material covers each of these beads. They feel furry and snug around your neck. It’s so light too, so wear it everyday for a fun accessory to soften up a harsh work outfit.

Love what you see? This is just the tip of the style iceberg that you’ll find at Fruttituttibeadcandy. Stay fixed to the blog and join me on Twitter and Facebook for more amazing posts and chic new additions!


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