Cute and Quirky at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Ever seen those earrings and thought: “I have to have them!”, there was something so amazing about them that they had to be bought. It’s the jewellery that appeals to you on some way. Colours or shapes that will remind one of their childhood or something that just looks amazing on. It’s why so many of us just have a love for all things retro and vintage! Whether it’s home accessories or that amazing wedding day necklace, it’s beauty lies in it’s meaning for so many of us. Take a look at these cute and very quirky pieces of jewellery to brighten anyone’s day right here from Fruttituttibeadcandy:


Adore the more ghoulish of things? Create a Halloween like ambiance everyday with your own bottle cap pendant! Bottle caps have long been used as great elements in home made or recycled jewellery. But these pretty pendants come with a very unique difference, each features your favorite Nightmare Before Halloween charecter, from Jack to Sally and the creepy town mayor. Wear a single piece or add a few together to create a chillingly chic neck piece!


Everyone loves steampunk! It’s the style of the season, from leather waisted corsets to the finer details and this is the perfect example! Created in a muted yellow with reds and oranges to boost the vibrant detail. This is alternative chic at it’s best! The vibrant colours make this adjustable ring stand out from the rest, you might not even need to wear anything else on that amazing night out. It’s a customisable ring too, and available in a variety of different colours ready to wear…


Love horses? This is the bracelet for you! Horse jewellery for the guy or girl who loves to ride. But hey wear it if you just love the amazing colour pink! The silver bit set with the leather cuff will mark your style out from others when it comes to all things to do with nature. This bracelet is current available in a tan version and is ready to wear. Looking for green or red versions? Get in touch and I can create a custom made piece just for you!

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