Get Home Accessorized with Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Creating the perfect home can be an exciting as well as daunting prospect for those who are coming to interiors for the first time. But you won’t need us to tell you that the right accessories can make or break a home style. Love the look of show homes and interiors in magazines but not sure how to get the look for yourself? Here are some of the cutest accessories to brighten and bring positivity to your abode!

Wear this stunning piece as a mask for those seductively special occasions! But when you are not wearing this beauty it magically transforms into a fabulous piece for the home. Expertly created with papier mache, this wonderful piece can be hung up as part of any gallery or statement wall. The delicious red and gold combination make for a wonderful accent in any richly toned room. Love it? Why not have a mask in your own set of colours? Get in touch with me Karen at Fruttituttibeadcandy to find out more.


Christmas is a lavish time of the year, but these delicate little decorations can suit the home throughout the spring and summer months too. Snowflakes or stars, they can be whatever you choose for them to be, can fit in with the home beautifully. Hang them from the wall, ceiling or curtain rails for a wonderfully eclectic feel to a bedroom. Add them to the corners of mirros for a wonderfully sparkly reflection, the opportunities really are endless!


Love the more subtle home accessories out there? It’s the finer details that can really make that plate or vase great! Take a look at any of the glass home accessories at Fruttituttibeadcandy to find bags of chic! The Red, Espresso and Gold glass plate is just one example of how glass can liven up the home. Keep your keys or spare change in it, keep it as a work of art in itself? There are a million ways to use coloured glass at home.

Whether it’s home accessories or a special jewelled gift for someone you love…There’s something for everyone at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Join me on Twitter and Facebook for blogs as well as new additions and latest updates!  


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