Bohemian Chic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Summer fashion is the greatest! It will soon be time to get out all those beads and bangles for a truly amazing sense of retro style. How can one not adore Boho chic when it comes to fashion?! Those ditzy gypsy styled tops with some of the most amazing embroidery. Think of those longer length skirts that swish with every step, perfect for the hot weather wherever you happen to be. The same feel can be added with jewellery- not all of us are able to look super glam every day, perhaps you wear a uniform to work? Take a look at some of these cute ways to brighten up the dullest of outfits this summer!

Imagine a string of these beauties all along your arm? These beautiful bracelets made with wool come in a range of different colours too. It’s so bohemian at it’s heart, wool is a big boho theme in jewellery- have you ever seen those amazingly elaborate pom pom necklaces? It’s those that will catch the eye! The nice thing about this design is that it’s beautifully subtle so ca be worn everywhere!


Speaking of beautiful bangles, you simply cannot pass these lovlies by. Created to be worn and loved, chainmaille is a huge favorite of mine, mainly because of the amazing finished look that it brings. They are so easy to wear too, simply click them on and go. Chainmaille is tough enough to be worn wherever you go, so will last you all season! Team one or all of these bracelets together for easy on-the-go glamour to impress!


It’s those longer flapper chains mixed with chokers that are the archetypal vintage look. But shorter and more subtle pieces can work just as well. This piece is shorter, complete with lovely rose gold beads and organza ribbon running throughout the necklace. Pretty enough to be worn with your summer dress, take it with you to work to create a fun mix of formal with the casual.

Love these? There are plenty more to be found at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook too for latest amazing pieces?


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