Spring Brights at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Love bright colours? It’s thought that people who like to wear bright colours tend to be more outgoing and expressive in their lifestyle. Whether you love to socialise or not, the brighter shades can certainly speak volumes about us! Think of those amazing yellow flowers that are beginning to bloom all around us, or the pinks on springtime branches. It’s these that add to the positivity that this season brings, why not try these brights on yourself? You’d be surprised at the amazing comments and admiring glances you could get! Here are some fabulous starter accessories to consider when planning your springtime-inspired wardrobe:

You can’t get much brighter than a Daffodil yellow! It’s the colour of the sun as well as all things bold. It’s a colour that can go with almost anything- especially with the shabby chic trend. Team your bright bold flower earrings with a formal suit to break up dark colours. There’s a real sense of the bohemian with these earrings, being the ideal pair for low maintenance festival wear this summer. Effortless spring and summer chic at it’s best!


Along with yellows, we are loving all things green too. Ever thought of decorating your accessories too? Well now is the ideal time to brighten up your bag with bag jewellery. This exquisite little piece will sparkle and jingle with every move. It’s eclectic too, take a look at the faceted shaped beads, each of them are unique and individual, all finished off with an organza ribbon. It’s also cute enough to hang on a bunch of keys as well as use as a hair piece.


Teaming up bracelets is just as hot now as it was last summer- we can’t get enough of friendship bracelets, cuffs and bangles this spring! One of the easiest ways to do this trend is to wear all of your arm candy together. This lovely chainmaille bracelet works beautifully as jewellery with a hint of the ancient about it. The colours make this a contemporary piece too, with anodised rings starting from the bright yellow and merging into the deeper rust colours. This piece can be made with any colour combination you like. Get in touch and we can work on chainmaille jewellery perfect for you.

Whether it’s vintage inspired or something up-to-date, Fruttituttibeadcandy will have something just perfect for you!


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