Easter Elegance at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Will you be giving out Easter gifts this coming week? Perhaps you will be celebrating Easter with friends and family? In either case, the right jewellery can create a lasting impression, whether worn or given as a gift! Let’s face it, a hand crafted piece of jewellery will last a lot longer than a bunch of Daffodils (although I do love flowers too!). Springtime is all about making an impression with exciting new jewels with a great sense of style. Love this idea? Take a look at some of the chic handmade jewellery on offer at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

There’s no fresher colour than green! It’s a shade that signifies growth as well as all things to do with spring! Just take a look around you to find this colour absolutely everywhere right now. Why not bring this amazing outdoor look to your own style with this cute and classy number? Made from white turquoise beads and emerald green seed beads, this is an eye catching piece that is bound to grab attention. This white turquoise and green bracelet is a lovely fresh feeling jewel that will see you well into the rest of the year.


Along with greens, I adore the pinks in the flowers that are blooming. Spruce up your spring time wardrobe with this pretty in pink bracelet. It’s not a piece for those who want to do subtle, this bracelet moves with the wearer. Each of the sweetest floral beads are set on it’s own jump ring, these are all linked together with a silver chain and clasp. Like the mint green bracelet, this piece also has a fresh feel. A statement piece that will really jazz up your wardrobe.


Cluster jewellery is a popular trend, one that looks set to stay. Can’t decide on one ring? Wear them all! There’s nothing stopping you from grouping your rings or bracelets together. I love the look of stacking rings, they are bold and stand out for miles-perfect as statement jewellery. This set of silver cluster jewellery comes in both silver and a gold version too.

Love what you see? Head on down to Fruttituttibeadcandy and discover the collection for yourself!


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