Nifty Necklaces at Fruttituttibeadcandy

The jewellery that we wear speaks volumes about us! Diamonds and crystals will show our feminine side, tough leather cuffs with spikes can add a more masculine and even punky side to any outfit. For me, the necklace is a jewellery that will never really go out of style: There’s one for every occasion. From an elegant banquet to a dinner date, there is the right necklace to go with it. But what makes a necklace ‘the right one’, I guess there is no real formula, if it feels right, the chances are that you will truly sparkle in it! It’s weight, material and practicality are all just as important as the look of the piece. Whether it’s a special occasion piece or an every day one, take a look at some of the dazzlers at Fruttituttibeadcandy…


A single strand necklace can be the ultimate show stopper- this really is the perfect example of ‘less is more’ a dainty necklace with a bird on branch. Take a closer look and find their nest just waiting for the arrival of their little ones! Find semi precious crystals in this very sweet piece. It’s perfect for a fresh spring look and well beyond!


Big beads are just as sought after, in fact they always have been whenever one would like to make a statement. A vibrant electric blue sits with pristine silver beads to create the boldest necklace you will ever see! Bigger beads graduate into the smaller ones to create a necklace that is so very wearable. Note how the bigger blue beads are in fact created by tiny seed beads- just proof that small things are just as important wherever you go!


Since the 1920’s, flapper necklaces have been all the rage- we love those long chains! Wear them anywhere, you might even find yourself playing with the beads too. This lovely flapper necklace is made with antique gold links and turquoise beads- perfect for a night out on the town! Love the look of these longer chains? Get in touch ad I will create one for you in your favorite colours. These or any of the hand made necklaces will make an amazing gift for a special lady in your life.

You just can’t go wrong with necklaces this spring and summer! Take a look at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop for some of the most amazing necklaces to add to your jewellery collection…


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