Quirky and Sweet at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Everyone loves a little bit of quirky in their day, the element that makes things a little more fun. Quirky could mean colorful, it could mean cute, it’s anything out of the ordinary that you want it to be. I adore this style when it comes to jewellery, it’s the little teddy bears on earrings and the neon colours on clothes and cosmetics that can really make an impact. In the past, these pretty little things were seen to be suitable on only the younger generation. However, with our love for anime and all things unique, it’s a style that can fit well in anyone’s wardrobe. I love it so much that I have added it as a bit of fun into some of the pieces at fruttituttibeadcandy- check it out: 

Brooches in themselves are super hot right now and so very quirky! Wear them on a bag, collar as well as blouse, why not even think about adding the bigger pieces as fascinators and hair pieces? These smaller pins are perfect for wildlife fans and fashionistas alike. Choose from a selection of cute critters: Hedgehogs, squirrels as well as happy little toadstools and leaves just waiting for you to pick them up and try them on. Although created in autumnal colours, these pretty pins can see you through the whole year!


Love the look of vintage anime? Look no further than these seriously cute looking brooches! Bunny rabbits in sweet polka dot dresses to little girls with ribbons in their hair, any of these vintage inspired clips could work beautifully on any jacket. Brooches have also seemed to be a more ‘everyday’ type of jewellery, the sort that doesn’t need to be fussed over, these pieces are no exception: Simply pin them on and go! Take your pick from 10 designs, have an idea for a cute brooch? Why not get in touch and we can work on something together?


Neon colours are the epitome of fun and unique! The brightest of pinks and luminescent oranges have been in the height of fashion over the past few seasons. However, they are very very bright and only the bravest of us have worn them. Why not add the more subtle hints of the brighter colours to your look? These earrings are perfect! Combinations of greens and pinks with ranges are fun enough to brighten any day.

Love the look? Check out these and more from my selection at Fruttituttibeadcandy right here.


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