Subtle and Sophisticated at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Statement jewellery is big business in the accessories world right now. It’s all about big and beautiful in the magazines, those huge clip on earrings from the 1980’s are back with a vengeance. While this look is a quirky and exciting one, like so many fashion trends, it’s not for everybody. There certainly is nothing wrong with rocking the more subtler pieces this spring and summer. It’s the smaller and sleker of jewels that can give one a style edge. I love simple colour and metal combinations too, plain and simple really doesn’t mean dull at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Here are some of my top picks for the season:


Bangles, bracelets and wrist bands are all the rage, whether it’s a bold friendship bracelet or a more exotic cuff. Why not make your arm candy super sophisticated by adding a noodle bracelet? It’s these sleek and well defined pieces that can really be worn everyday. In fact they are so wearable, you might even forget you have it on! Half metallic and half made from cord, it’s flexible and light. Any of the handmade noodle bracelets I have created will not weigh your wrists down. It’s a lovely piece when worn on it’s own, consider it as a fabulous feminine addition for a swish suit and blouse event.

Sleeker jewellery will naturally be much more defined. These skull and spike earrings are just the ticket and will see you through the whole year as well as Halloween. The magic with this pair is that that skulls are not over bearing, they are small carved pieces that could be beads set alongside the deep red faceted beads and spike. The length of the earring has a elongating effect on the neck, these earrings are just perfect when worn with a plunging neckline for the subtle but daring look. A staple part of any jewellery box, the spike and skull earrings are a must for dressed down glam for any occasion.


Mixing up colour combinations is a huge love of mine. It’s wonderful to see how silvers, golds, coppers and bronzes work against other materials like stones. The stones I choose of course will also have their own personality. Take a closer look at the marble grey stone and the delicate lines and shades that criss cross over the surface. It’s these that make a huge impact when set against the rosy tones of the copper wire holding it. A lovely pair of earrings that could wear well at any formal event. Take them with you to a lunch date for real toned down sultry chic.

Love to do subtle? Take a look at the res of the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection for more!


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