Fruttituttibeadcandy Style Inspiration: Keira Knightley

Not only is she totally stunning, but actress Keira Knightley has had some amazing style changes over the years. She’s been out on the red carpet in a cropped pixie do, she can also pull off long and lavish locks. Then there are some of her amazing roles she’s had! The Duchess is an all time favorite movie in which Keira portrays the Duchess Georgiana Devonshire, the late Princes Diana’s great great great great great aunt. She’s been spotted out on the red carpet looking as gorgeous as always. Here are some of my favorite Keira Knightley ensembles, including jewels!




The headband trend is in full swing, we love all things floral as well as quirky when it comes to head wear. The best thing about this is that anything goes! Fascinators as well as alice bands are great ways to spruce up an outfit while keeping unruly hairs in place. One person who never has this problem is Keira, preened to perfection, this star always dazzles, especially at those A-Lister events. I adore the floral hear wear she is spotted in this. The stunning red stands out wonderfully against the natural brown waves of her hair. Just one more fabulous reason to wear headbands and tiara’s everywhere you go!




The queen of subtle chic, Keira oozes natural beauty both on and off screen. While bold jewels look wonderful, there is something to be said for the more delicate details, something that this actress does so well. Here she is spotted in a beautiful floral gown completed with a simple set of pearl earrings. A timeless look that can fit almost any occasion, especially a red carpet event! Pearls as well as stone studded earrings in the classical style can really brighten up a lady-like look, one that I recommend works practically any time of year.




As well as doing classy chic, Keira is just as at home in casual wear. Here’s she’s out during the day in no fuss fashion. I adore the bohemian look she has got going on. Everything from the tasselled necklace to the chic bracelets and bangles completed with flats. It’s the perfect cool look for any summer’s day.

She’s a one off star who does her own style and who is such an inspiration to women of all ages! Looking for hand crafted pieces to complete your own bohemian look? Check out the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop for tailor made jewels to dazzle in!


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