Romance all Year at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Valentine’s day is just a day away. Loved up couples everywhere will be packing for their sexy weekend away. Those who are date-less this Valentine’s might also be planning an amazing evening out with friends. Jewellery has a huge part to play when it comes to this time of year and long after. Love is such a positive emotion and feeling, why not make it a part of your style for the rest of the year? Pinks and reds can be sported wherever a hint of drama is needed as well as inspiring all things romantic. Looking to attract some love your way this spring? Wear one or all of these pretty examples to get started! 


Romantic jewellery really doesn’t have to be all about hearts and roses, it can simply be something that is special to the wearer. Perhaps pink isn’t even your colour? This is where cool blues can take their place. This icy looking bracelet has all the sparkle one will need on their wrist as well as being totally wearable. Sleek and sophisticated, this string of faceted stones is the perfect partner to jeans and a T-shirt as well as a sleek body con dress on a night out. One of my highly recommended jewels for lovely ladies of all ages!


Here’s a way to really inject true romance into any outfit. This is costume drama dressing at it’s absolute best! The lace choker is completely vintage looking to it’s core- the great thing is that it’s brand new and made from long lasting material. That’s not all: This dainty necklace comes complete with a pretty hanging key and chain feature to finish off the look. Created in light beige, this gem of a jewel can be added to your everyday outfit for a fun romantic and retro twist. Love the look of vintage lace and sparkling stones? Why not get in touch and have a neck piece made up especially for you!


Pearls and white beads are just so evocative of the romantic! Everything about them screams lady like and elegant- think of that string of genuine pearls that you may have seen your grandmother wear. Although these are not exactly pearls, they have a similar look, these white Turquoise beads with the silver fittings they are on will give you just as much elegance! This really is jewellery that will suit all occasions: A ditzy bracelet for a spring or summer picnic, it’s the ultimate accessory for a party frock too.

Like all the pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy, this bracelet is a one off and will be as individual as you are! Check out the rest of the ready made collection here. Alternatively, why not get in touch and have custom made jewellery created just for you?

In the meantime Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fans and followers! 


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