Go Green for 2015 with Fruttituttibeadcandy!

 There is so much to love about the colour green. Think of the general colour of life in the lush greenery around us. It’s a stunningly beautiful colour in all of it’s many guises, proof of this lies within the fact that we wear it. A green fitted tea dress can make a wonderful alternative to a traditional floral one in the summer. Then there are accessories for those who want to really stand out. I love the power that green holds, for me it’s a hue that will always stay in fashion. It’s as strong as it is feminine, lovely as earrings as well as when worn on a cute clutch bag. Love your greens too? Check some of these Fruttituttibeadcandy pieces out…


Because green is such a bold colour, it can work beautifully when used with the bigger pieces of jewellery. Waterfall design pieces are just that, with tight clusters at the top falling in waves. Thinking about really making a splash this season? Why not get in touch and have a custom waterfall piece made just for you? Choose from any colour beads, or my favorite greens for something really special. Your necklace will be made from both translucent and opaque beads of all different sizes and varying shades. A very cute addition for your party ensemble!


Sticking with the theme of green, a deeper more stronger shade can be found in this feminine piece. The bright colour is highlighted by the shiny brassy tones in the decorative links, the upside down triangle shape is a classical one that makes for a really elegant accent at any time of year. But look a little closer to find a rainbow sheen or aurora borealis feel to each of the faceted beads. This necklace is the perfect introduction for those who are not used to wearing brighter colours as accessories.


Wear green on your wrists with a bauble inspired bracelet. Find hundreds of shades of green on this pretty pieces, it’s chunky too and has loads of presence when worn. Green is a colour that works beautifully with practically anything from a party frock to something a little more formal. Don’t hold back with your green inspired jewellery this season, go for it with this stunning green bracelet from the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection.

These are just some of the handmade beauties that can be found at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Take a look at the rest of the collection right here.


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