Go Boho for Spring 2015 with Fruttituttibeadcandy

Ok so it’s not summer just yet, but we have almost seen the last of a harsh winter. The warm balmy days of summer should be on the horizon, so what better time to get ready with our supreme summer look? You know the sort of thing: Bright colours, statement jewellery, shcking pink or ruby red lips and lots of glitter! Not all of us will have tickets to an amazing summer music festival this year, why not splash out on some great key accessories instead. The Boho look is an eternally summery one, every summer seems to be about the floral dresses and the big hoop earrings- looking for inspiration? Here are just a few of my favorites to get you summer 2015 ready…

Bohemian jewellery is some of the most sumptuous around. I love the bright bold colours, the big ethnic inspired shapes. It’s jewels like these that can tell a tale of far off places and adventure. This sense of travel is all part of the allure with this style. But even if you haven’t had a chance to visit the vibrant street markets of Marrakech or the distinct shopping districts of Egypt, find some wonderful inspiration right here! This stunning necklace comes complete with vibrant beads and brass fittings with detailed filigree surface decoration. A beautiful gem that can be worn year after year without fading out of fashion!


Sticking with the theme of tassels and trimmngs, this necklace has an abundance of allure to it! Find the pretty orange crystals set against the deep brassy colours. This is a long necklace that will bring an outfit a real hippie chic. A style that I personally adore, a long swinging necklace with lots of detail will also add a touch of the vintage. There is no brighter or more summery colour than the orange used here, each faceted gem sparkles with every move you make. Then there is the secret compartment in the locket pendant, so well hidden that no one will ever know it’s there!  A cute addition to any jewellery box, just one of the many ‘must haves’ for summer.


Along the theme of the brighter colours, it’s the passionate reds, pinks and bright azure blues that we will be looking forward to. Team these stunning colours with a charm bracelet for the epitome of summer jewellery. It’s during the warmer months that we will be wearing the more eclectic pieces in our collections, this adorable piece is no exception. With an Alice in Wonderland theme to it, find all your favorite characters from the Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit! Maybe you have another theme in mind for your charm bracelet or jewellery? Why not get in touch with me and find out how to get a custom piece made just for you?

For one of a kind pieces just for you, the perfect gift or something to brighten up your wardrobe – check out Fruttituttibeadcandy for stunning summer jewellery!


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