Think Pink for Valentine’s Day at Fruttituttibeadcandy

With just over a fortnight until what is said to be the most romantic day and night of the year: Valentine’s day is the perfect time to show a loved one how much you care about them. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a significant other that you adore? Maybe you are a cool singleton enjoying the single life? There’s something about Valentine’s day for everyone whether you are in a relationship or not. Here are just some ways to bring the romantic into your life with Fruttituttibeadcandy…


Pinks skulls are a universal trend in fashion right now, the pink gives this bracelet a girly feel while the skulls add a Gothic twist that can be worn year round. I love the idea of shamballa bracelets with skulls, they are a quirky addition to your everyday arm candy. This piece comes with pink, purple and green skulls all held together with a silky light pink knotted cord that can be tightened to fit. I love how light this piece feels when worn, making it a piece of jewelry that really can be worn with anything all the time. A pretty understated bracelet for yourself that will add bags of style, even if you are not going on a hot date this Valentine’s day!


Looking for a perfect gift this Valentine’s? It’s no shock that us girls love a new piece of jewelry so what about the cutest pink heart necklace to show her how much you love her? Complete with glass heart, chain and bead dangles, this is a lovely necklace that’s just so feminine in it’s allure. She can wear it with a work blouse, summer dress or with that perfect evening gown when she is out on a date with you. The deep pink of the glass heart is a shade that can bring a dose of pretty to almost any outfit and one that can be worn year round too. A very wearable sweet little reminder of how much she means to you.


Pink in all it’s shades is a lovely reminder of love as well as the fact that spring really is on it’s way. It’s around Valentine’s day that we start to see the brightest bouquets of flowers being delivered to special ladies everywhere. Why not add a little bouquet style to your own look? Floral jewelry is so very Valentines! Take this sweet little flower ring, adjustable with filigree cut out metal ring, the pinkest rose sits upon it! Mix it up with your regular rings and some bracelets for a fun style for February.

Get your style ready for love this February at Fruttituttibeadcandy


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