Terrific Textures from Fruttituttibeadcandy

A big part of jewelry are the colours, stones and sparkle that they create. I, for one can admit that I do love the feel of jewelry, especially longer necklaces when I twirl the chain around my fingers. What about when you are deep in thought and thinking, it’s dangle earrings that we like to play with, to touch. This is where texture plays a huge part in jewelry, how would you like your necklace to feel? Soft? Cool with smooth surfaces? In a shape that you like? Texture and tactility go hand in hand when creating some of these new pieces for Fruttituttibeadcandy, take a look right here…


There’s nothing better than the softest of silks or the beautiful touch of chenille, this might be all well and good in clothes- but find it in your jewels too! The feel of these Chenille Purple Lavender beands on the skin really is heavenly! The seven large beads are linked with coiled wire links to a main chain, so this piece is very wearable too. Why not consider having a piece made with a longer or shorter necklace in time for Valentines day? The pretty pink and purple colours will inject a much needed dose of the romantic into any wardrobe.


Speaking about how jewelry ‘feels’, what about these for soft and lovely? Felt is one of my favorite materials to work with. Quick and easy to shape, they can be found in almost any form imaginable. Here I chose to cut out flat pieces of felt and recreate some of our most beautiful wildlife creatures and plants. Find among the collection toadstools, hedgehogs as well as squirrels. The collection is currently made as brooches and will happily sit on a coat collar as well as a bag or even a headband for something quirky.


Shamballa bracelets were the big hit of 2013 and 2014. They are still very cool fashion items, especially when they are encrusted with your favorite stones. The rhinestone covered beads are joined with carefully knotted waxed cords to create the fashion sensation that we all know and love. The red and black cord make this a great everyday piece of glamour, it’s adjustable to fit too. A fun piece to play with as well as when it comes to looking hot.

Love these jewels? Take a look at the rest of the collection, complete with rhinestones, metals and fabrics for a really boho take on your style at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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