Pure Purple for 2015

For some of us, the party season is almost over. Most have had their fair share of looking glamorous and chic this December. January is on the horizon, just a few days away. A fresh start for us can be beautifully had with colour. For me, the bright and bold shades add a sense of the positive. After all what isn’t cheery about a deep cherry reed or a flamingo pink? These can be fun as well as ‘happy’ colours, what better way to start 2015 than with a perfect and pure purple? These are some popular pieces from the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection…


Metallic purple and silver snowflake beads make up this pretty stretch bracelet. A very modern looking piece of jewelry that is super comfortable to wear as well. There are no visible links, you simply stretch it and pull it on for quick chic on the go. If you are someone who loves arm candy, this is the piece for you. Mix and match different bright colours and designs for a fun addition to everyday jewelry. It’s an adjustable design so feel free to get in touch with me about sizing and colour options.


Steampunk is still a very top trend, a style that looks like it will be staying with us for some time yet. Even though for many, it’s about the leather and the metal cogs and wheels, you can also add some fabulous colour into the mix! This lilac coloured ring complements the metal and rhinestone face beautifully! he adjustable ring fits all sizes and can make for a great statement thumb ring. Love the piece? Get in touch and have a custom purple piece made just for you!


Purple comes in all range of shades, this rich colour is a stunning one. The large colourful diamond shaped beads are so perfect for a stylish punk look this winter. Each of the four beads are soft touch too, this with rounded edges make the bracelet one of the most wearable pieces of statement jewelry around! It’s also available in a range of other colours.

Your colour might be red, blue, green or pink…Whatever the case may be, we will have something special for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Get in touch and we can work on a piece that will bring colour to your January 2015!


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