Rhinestones Vs Diamonds at Fruttituttibeadcandy

It’s a question I have often asked myself, why work with rhinestones instead of the more precious jewels? There are so many great reasons why rhinestone jewellery has a real allure of it’s own. I adore the faceted sides of a rhinestone and the light that it reflects. However, diamonds as well as a cut Topaz could be just as sparkly! For me it’s rhinestones that are the more accessible and wearable jewels, for example you can set a rhinestone quickly and easily with an adhesive, these tiny little gems can be set almost anywhere with a fine pair of tweezers to place them. I also adore the range of colours these stones are available in. They are in a variety of sizes too, use them to customise a jacket or pair of shoes as well as on jewellery.

Check out these very funky ways to wear your rhinestone jewels from Fruttituttibeadcandy:

It’s a little bit punk and a little bit flirty- the Steampunk ring in Lilac filigree is the piece to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. It’s the perfect ring for creative types and a piece that can be colour co ordinated beautifully! The real show pieces are the rhinestones! Lilacs, pinks and blues, it’s these that stand out beautifully from their gold coloured watch movement background. A very chic piece to add to the jewellery collection!


Love the unique and extraordinary when it comes to jewelry? Then this ring really has to be the one! Set with vivid green rhinestones in different shades, there is a real sense of the anime and the steampunk with this piece. There are all the elements that make up this very unique style. An adjustable ring, wear this as a thumb ring or even as a pinkie ring. A stunning piece of rhinestone jewellery that really will turn heads anywhere it’s worn!


But it’s not just rings and pendants that use the rhinestone well- take a look at these custom made cufflinks! The vibrant purple/blue make this a stunning jewel for the special gent in your life. However, ladies can use these jewels to spruce up cuffs too! I adore using the larger stones, these gems are just as sparkly and stylish as any diamante or semi precious gemstone at a fraction of the cost.

If you love these, why not take a look at the full collection now available at Fruttituttibeadcandy. Remember that you can have pieces custom made to your designs so why not create the perfect piece with me? Contact me to find out more



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