Make Yours a Handmade Christmas with Fruttituttibeadcandy

It’s naturally one of the busiest times of year, there’s almost a month to go until the big day itself. It’s only normal that many of us will be shopping with both money and time on a strict budget this year. The ready made and mass produced can help with both of these, they are produced in their millions and at a cheaper cost- but what about making Christmas a little extra special this year for a reasonable price? Th handmade doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and it can make the 25th December into a very special time of the year indeed!

Why is the handmade so sought after? There are a million and one reasons, especially at Christmas time. Above all else, a handmade piece of jewellery is an instant one-off. Sure there may be a handful of other pieces that are created with the same design in mind, but this piece will be the only one like it. Each of the jewels will be set by hand, whether they happen to be diamonds or beads. The links will also be created and closed by hand as opposed to being made by large machines. A chain or necklace that’s handmade will naturally sit on the neck and shoulders different to one that it mass produced. This Blue Silver Peyote beaded necklace is in a class of it’s own- each of the seed beads has been attached with needle and strong thread, the larger silver beads are held steadfastly by hand closed clasps.


Style is so important when picking out jewellery one cannot go amiss with the more classical pieces. Think back to Victorian times, in the age long before mass produced goods. It’s during this time that expertly trained jewellers would work heavy pieces of metal into delicate filigree covered pieces ready to be worn by ladies of society. The same ideals are associated with this vintage inspired necklace, a stunning piece with an antique gold finish complete with pearls and sturdy chain. Wear this for a seriously unique twist to your style at any time of year, a chain that is sure to be wearable for many years to come.


One can also associate the handmade to statement jewellery! Forget buying ready-to-wear pieces from a high street brand- the chances are that you may bump into someone else wearing the same thing. For jewellery that really is one-of-a-kind think about having a piece comissioned especially. Get in touch with me and we can talk about the sort of jewels that you are looking for, colours, shapes that you like to wear. I will combine all of this in a piece that is so you.

Convinced that handmade is for you? Take a look at the Fruttituttibeadcandy website for more unique jewels!






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