Vivacious Violets at Fruttituttubeadcandy

What is it that we love about the colour purple? It’s a vibrant and bold hue in all it’s guises. One of the greatest things about this shade is that you can put it on a vase or wearing as some sparkly earrings, it will still look pretty awesome! Whether light lilac or a deep purple, I love them all, especially when they are featured in jewellery. A colour that will never fail to impress, check out some of these fab examples to make party season start with a bang this year!

With The Great Gatsby along with vintage trends this year, it’s no surprise that jewellery has followed suite. We seem to be loving anything with a 1920’s and 30’s theme- why not add this accent through your accessorising this year? The Raspberry Pink Pearl necklace on long black chain with pearls is the perfect accompaniment to any vintage inspired outfit. The nice thing about long necklaces is that they can be doubled up to make shorter versions making a great look for a different day and outfit. This necklace comes complete with Raspberry Pink pearls set against a blackened chain and tassel to finish it off.

Beaded bracelets are some of the easiest things to wear when it comes to jewellery. This Metallic Purple Silver Snowflake bracelet is just one of many examples on the Fruttituttibeadcandy website. Just slip it on and voila, the perfect bit of sparkly arm candy! I love to wear mine with a collection of other bracelets for a chic layered look on evening’s out. Ultra comfortable too, it’s so light that you will hardly know you are wearing it. In that amazing vibrant purple, this is a beaded bracelet that can be worn all year round for a little dash of glamour.


The charm bracelet is a timeless piece of jewellery that most of us will have in our jewellery boxes. Perhaps yours is a one off, maybe you regularly add to your charm bracelet with special jewels every birthday? In either case, the charm bracelet is certainly a very special thing to own. Why not add some colour to this usually metallic look? This is the perfect piece, adding more than a hint of the gorgeous lilac and purple’s into the mix. A nice chunky piece too! Wearing it with pride as each bead jingles when the wearer moves. A bracelet that will make a gorgeous gift for a loved one, or perhaps a special something just for you?

Purple is a shade that will fit in almost every wardrobe bringing in a very chic element for all seasons. Find the right purple for you at Fruttituttibeadcandy


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