Chainmaille Chic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Although it can be a very contemporary style, Chainmaille has been around for centuries. It’s earliest form was found in armory, under garments that would help protect those going to war. Nowadays it has a somewhat more aesthetic use, namely in jewellery and fashion. Despite this, there is still the hard wearing feeling of times gone by- something I love to incorporate into my own pieces. There is something strong about the more metallic look that can be just as delicate at the same time. Take a look at some of my own chainmaille creations available at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop…


It’s the smaller details here that count! These most delicate of earrings use the chainmaille technique at it’s heart. Made from deep bronze metal jumprings, each fastened together in the chainmaille pattern, there is a sense of the decorative at play. These earrings could even feature filigree detailing, made all the more abstract with the addition of the turquoise beads at either end. A strong and unique looking pair of earrings hinting at the exotic, these chainmaille earrings are just so chic and wearable. Even though they are some of the smaller design of earrings to be found, don’t be fooled- they may be all that one needs when stepping out for a casual lunch date. The deep green with brass combination is sure to turn heads!

Feminine jewellery will nearly always be in vogue, the pieces that accentuate the positive and more beautiful aspects of ourselves. Pink, when found in jewellery adds a serious dose of the feminine to any piece. Here a metallic pink with a touch of the purple is mixed in with deep and rich gold. Made from a thicker jump ring, thee is a sense of the lavish and excess about this bracelet- making it just right for party season. After all, winter dressing is all about the sparkly and glimmering to brighten up dull and dark days. Like any of the bracelets at Fruttituttibeadcandy, wear this gorgeous piece along or with two of three others to really wow at this year’s get together!


While the delicate details of chainmaille can be appreciated, so can the more masculine pieces. It’s all the rage to wear chunkier, more statement-making jewels with the more lady-like of outfits this season. It’s this sense of the eclectic that makes for a unique style of dressing, think worker boots with a floaty and summery dress and it’s sort of the same thing. Comfortable and very wearable, this chainmaille pieces works with two different metallic colours, this combination only adds to the contrast and design. One of the more dressier pieces, a perfect addition to any party outfit this season.

If it’s chainmaille you love, head on down to Fruttituttibeadcandy for more chic ways to wear your style armour this November and December!


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