Why Bracelets are the Best Bet this Christmas!

Christmas shopping season is upon us, there is so much to do an just not enough time to do it in- unless you are super ready for Christmas day already! But for many of us, finding the perfect gift for a good friend could feel like the most difficult task in the world. Why not consider a bracelet or set of bangles for a loved one this year? There are a million and one reasons why arm candy is the way to go this Christmas! Here are just some great examples of perfect gifts this year!

2014 has been the year of Downton Abbey, we have also seen The Great Gatsby hit the cinema screens- there is a lot of love for the vintage flying about in fashion too. So what better gift for someone who loves the retro than this set? This bracelet and earring set is a real blast from the past, set on filigree mounts, there are a series of fire polished czech beads that finish off the set nicely. A wonderful addition for a lavish dinner party or other social gathering as we near the end of the year.


As well as being super – sleek, jewellery can work just as well when worn with a casual style. I love the look of layering in fashion- everything from layered tops to layered or stacked rings. The same idea can work with bracelets, take this fine example- a noodle bead multi-stranded bracelet that is held together with a magnetic clasp. A mix of gold and aubergine give this bracelet a look of several pieces put together, a fabulous advantage of this piece is that there is not the fuss of trying to keep lots of bracelets together. There is nothing better than easy-to-do glamour on the go- perfect for long after Christmas and New Years is over!


Gold and silver are by far some of the most popular seasonal colours, these metallics certainly brighten up the longer nights of the winter. So we might not be forking out thousands on a pure gold piece of jewellery- however, this is not to say that one cannot get a pleasing look from jewelery made from beads, particularly gold coloured beads! Take this fine example- created using a St Petersburg patterned stitch using gold seed beads, the shimmering bracelet is offset with five large pearl beads as eye catching centre-pieces! Jewellery that is not only made to last- but like all the pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy, jewellery that will make a style impact!

Stay tuned to Fruttittuttibeadcandy for some fab Seasonal gifts!


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