Minty Greens for the Season!

So Halloween is over, Although the ghoulish green colours have had their time, green as a whole is just coming into it’s own. The Irish have their forty shades of green, then there are the greens of Christmas. There is no end to how we can use these shades. I adore the look of green on jewellery, it’s one of the most stylish colours as well as being superbly vibrant at the same time. It’s also a colour that goes with practically anything! Looking for that perfect accessory to see you through the party season? Go for green! 


Green certainly is the colour for all occassions, especially on this bracelet. There really is everything from the lightest of greens to a deep jade, all attached with brass findings. A cluster bracelet not only adds drama but there is an amazing chime that comes from it, the sound of a thousand beads all moving every time the wearer does! Because this is a larger piece, it’s a good one for nights out and for no-fuss glamour. It’s quick and easy to wear and will last all evening!


It’s not always practical to wear jewellery to work- perhaps you work for the emerency services or need to wear a strict uniform? In these cases, jewellery is a no-no. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t wear jewellery at all! Why not jazz up your handbag or keys? You can make them into accessories as much as jewellery pieces, think about adding a beaded charm to your person for quick and easy chic. This charm can easily be hooked onto any jump ring or bag chain, it’s hard wearing too, so can be put through it’s paces at work or a lunch date.


Looking for street chic with a literal twist? I love the look of anodised metals and the colours that they can add. This chain is urban to it’s core and can make a fab accessory for the everyday as part of your own personal style. I adore the way that the green merges into the blue and then back to sea green. Like all the pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy, this chain is hard wearing and will go the distance. Take a look at the rest of the anodised collection for more fabulous colour combinations to brighten up the winter!

Looking for something special this Christmas? Why not have something made especially? Hand made jewellery is not only unique but so personal too, get in touch with me at Fruttituttibeadcandy to have a piece made in time for the 25th December!


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