Christmas Gifts for the Girls: Be Prepared!

Halloween is at the end of this week, but once thats over with there’s only one big date in all our diaries! December the 25th is only a few weeks away! It seems to have crept up on us and before you know it, the big day will have arrived. But what category of Christmas organiser do you fall under? Are you someone who has been preparing for this year since the 1st of January? Or have you left it a little late like many of us? Perhaps you have been told to expect half the family around for the end of December? Whatever the case may be, there are still a million and one things to do before things can really feel ‘festive’. Have you got your gifts ready? Looking for something special can take a while – but don’t panic- here’s our guide to getting gifts right this year at Fruttituttibeadcandy! 


Jewellery is always a good option for the woman in your life who has everything she needs! It says ‘treasure’ unlike anything else, take this stunning green and brass-tone necklace as the perfect example. A subtle but real statement necklace for all occasions. The playful green will add a much needed dash of colour and femininity to practically any outfit imaginable, the deep brass colour also give the necklace a sense of gold and the precious that only jewellery can bring! This is a surprisingly light piece that is as effortless as it is elegant- an ideal Christmas gift for the special lady in your life!


Earrings make for some of the most precious and intimate Christmas gifts, after all they are worn so close to the face. These make wonderful presents for the ladies that are dear to you, Mum, sister and best friends! This glass and pearl bead set of earrings are ideal, available in three different shades, these little discreet earrings will grab all the attention they need. The deeper pink version shown here is a vibrant addition to any outfit over the party season. But a wonderful accessory for the rest of the year too! The light hooks are easy to slip on, so a great pair for anyone wanting easy everyday chic -Definitely one for the Christmas stocking.


Turquoise is generally known for it’s attractive greens and blue surface colour, however it’s a stone that is available in so many guises. Although the beads on this silver bracelet look like decadent pearls, they are in fact turquoise. They have just as much  lustre as a pearl does and more! Here they are set in a ‘floating’ setting, one that moves with the wearer. A lovely light piece with a sense of the celestial and oh so feminine too! Sturdy enough to be worn everyday and special enough for an evening out- here’s a gift that will certainly bring in the admirers!

Remember to get your orders in early to guarantee delivery before Christmas week.  Looking for something special for the lady in your life? Why not work with me on something unique? Get in touch with me at Fruttituttibeadcandy for more details…


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