Timeless Halloween Costume Ideas!

The art of dressing up fancy dress has to have come from Halloween! That time of year when one and all love to done the scary make up and fake blood. Not all of us, however, love the zombie costume, or even have time to perfect the look. This can be a bit of a dilemma if one has been invited to a Halloween ball this year. But never fear- our super chic and quick Halloween costume guide is here! Take a look at some of our ideas for chic and flattering spooky costumes! 

Morticia Addams 

A favorite TV show for generations, the Addams family was top viewing for decades. While each of the charecters stood out with their own quirly traits, there was one who would become a true fashion icon. The all-black wearing Morticia Addams became a bit of an unlikely style siren! The long black hair and skin tight dress made Gothic girls everywhere jump for joy. But even if you are not a Gothic type, don your little black dress and some heels for instant Morticia chic! Why not add a detailed necklace featuring blood red or black to the ensemble?


Bride of Frankenstein 

Frankenstein’s Monster is a spooky tale that is as old as time itself! Created in the mind of Mary Shelley, ind the most nightmarish of ideas in this tale of woe. However, more modern Frankenstein tales are a little more light hearted- everyone loves that lovable green monster with bolts through his neck! Why not spend this Halloween as the Bride of Frankenstein? Although the look requires one to paint themselves green- why not stick to big hair and some heavy makeup for the night. Some elegant and feminine jewellery wouldn’t go amiss here either. In fact anything pumpkin inspired could work so very well on the 31st!



Where would Halloween be without the witch? Although times have changed since the days of the wart covered grey haired old lady from folk tales. Now witches come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are pretty sexy too. After all they would have had to be to lure unsuspecting victims to their door! Why not weave your own wicked magic this year in a sexy little black dress? Pointy hat is optional- but could be a fab  prob- why not decorate it with a dash of glitter and some fake spider web? A quick splash of blood red lipstick on your lips and you are ready to go!


Whether you are going for a vampy femme fatale look or something with a lot more scare- Halloween is all about being inventive. If you are going out on the 31st- Fruttituttibeadcandy wish you a spooktacular Samhain!


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