Ruby Reds and Perfect Pinks at Fruttituttibeadcandy

I love colour in all accessories- no matter what your complexion or face shape- you are guarenteed a set of colours to really brighten up your outfit as well as your day. Take red for example, there is a red for every occassion! A passionate colour that works well on so many occassions. ‘Red Carpet Red’ looks lovely for those special nights out, bringing a touch of glam to a chic dress. Lighter reds and pinks have an air of feminine grace that looks lovely all year round. If you want to make an impact as the year draws to a close- then reds and pinks are the way to go! Here are just a few very easy and wearable ways to do it!



Long after Halloween is over, the skull bracelet will still be a hot fashion trend. Cheryl Cole, Rolling Stone Keith Richards as well as a myriad of other stars have all been seen in skull inspired jewellery. The styles out there range from super detailed to blander and more wearable pieces. This shamballa bracelet is very on trend for the season and has been for a while- but even more so now that we are so close to Halloween. Slip this piece on and you have instant skully style- it’s such a light piece too- you will hardly know that you are wearing it. It also featured some of the best colours too- a great combination of black thread, deep red and cream coloured skulls. A perfect gift for yourself or for anyone who loves fashion.



Collars in all their guises are super smart at any time of year, but if you are looking for a necklace with an alternative twist this party season- then this is for you. Set with a mix of gold, coral and turquoise coloured glass beads, you will rock this Peter Pan style colour at any cool get together this year. With a little weight to it, you will find that there are no twists or uncomfortable gatherings that can happen with some removable collars. A lovely piece that can be worn well with a plain jersey dress for the ultimate understated chic.


Reds as well as pinks are a big hit wherever they happen to be worn. Here the main centre of this steampunk inspired ring are the two ruby red rhinestones set on the front watch part. These deep pink makes for a wonderful contrast when set against the black filigree ring and chrome watch. Detailed decadence at it’s finest ad a ring special enough to be worn anywhere!

Remember the Halloween sale is still on at Fruttituttibeadcandy– so grab a wonderfully stylish bargain while you can!


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