Golds for the Season at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Gold is one of the richest colours on the spectrum. There is an abundance of it too- take a look around you at the falling leaves and the shades of nature. Inspired by these, I love to see them in my own creations. Sure there are the oranges of Jack O Lanterns, the yellows on leaves and the deep ombre colours on the leaves that fall- but what about gold? The bright glimmering metallic that will brighten up any dreary day and long night. Gold shades can come in almost any form, find them on the most precious of jewels but also as a lighter shade on brassy metals and even some ultra shiny copper findings. In short, gold tones do not have to be super expensive to buy, they are just as stylish and attainable in a myriad of other ways- take a look at some of these unique examples…


A patina brass finish sets this ring apart from the rest. The glimmering gold surface on the watch part is off set with lilac, blues and pink  rhinestones. Although the gold takes up the main section of the ring’s face, it also works nicely with duller metal screw heads and steel finishes. All is this is finished with a lilac adjustable ring. If it’s unique you are looking for, this ring is it. With it’s feminine tones and statement watch piece at the top, this steampunk ring will make a wonderfully individual cocktail ring for a night out.


Gold works beautifully with other materials too. Here gold mixes beautifully with a deep purple cord to make up this noodle bead bracelet. Stacking bracelets are uber cool at the moment- less really is more in terms of this look. So I recommend wearing one or two statement bangles or bracelets for a chic look without going over the top. Even if you just stepped out with the Bracelet Plum Purple Gold Noodle bracelet, it would be all you need for a very wearable look for the daytime. Not to mention blending in beautifully with any work outfit!


Antique gold is a big hit in terms of accessories! But you don’t have to seek out an actual vintage piece. Here a distressed gold look will make for a fabulous addition to any outfit. Glass beads, darkened brass, there is more than a hint of the Gothic look with this piece. It’s perfect for special occassions as well as adding a sense of vintage glamour. It’s ideal if you happen to be donning a ballgown and glass slippers this Halloween!

Not only rich and luxurious, gold tones will add a serious dose of glitter to your outfit, whether and evening one or for the every day- find it at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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