Super Steampunk at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Steampunk is a trend that works with some of the most amazing detail! A fashion statement that is more about fantasy than the mainstream, it really is anything goes with this style. Although I do love the corseted waists, leather straps and top hats that are found in this style, there is something about the metallic qualities to be found. Watch parts are fabulous when a part of any steampunk outfit. Decorating them with gems as well as contrasting colours is also a fabulous  idea. Thinking about creating your own steampunk look? Take a look at these smaller details for some cool inspiration this season…


A lovely cuboid design, these great steampunk cufflinks will not only make someone special a wonderful present- but just think about the style aspect! One-of-a-kind, you can guarantee that  no one else will have a pair of jewels as chic and unusual as these! It’s the contrast of the bright colours on the rhinestone against the dull metals that I love the most about this piece. A pretty set of jewels that have a function too- Steampunk is a look that transcends the decades, so this is a perfect gift for grandfather, Dad or brother! Looking for something special? Get in touch with me for a custom made set of cufflinks in your design and colours.


Make your man sparkle with these bright purple and watch movement set of cufflinks. These pieces could almost be jewellery with the precious bright rhinestones that adorn each cufflink. Sticking also with the colour contrast find a chic dash of gold and the cutest red stones in a cluster. Together, all these elements will make for real ‘look again’ jewellery, anyone walking past will have to do a second take at this very wearable design.


Turn any decadent watch part on it’s side for a seriously elegant statement ring. I think you will agree that this design certainly is a unique change from the more traditional pieces of jewellery available. Talk about vibrant- take a look at the lime green and yellow shades on the three large rhinestones featured. There is a statement wind up handle too! A beautiful and no-fuss way to wear glamour with the most everyday of outfits!

Steampunk is a style that can work so well with anyone! It’s a look that’s well worth considering for a fun and unique look for your special someone, male or female. With the Halloween sale now on, there is something for everybody at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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