Cool Cluster Jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Jewellery, and crafts in general are things that I feel passionately about- the act of making, of creating each piece of jewellery for me is a magical one. Whether it is gold, silver, acrylics or beads, each material has it’s own set of wonderful properties. Having said that cluster jewellery has drawn me to it for a long time- there’s something special about it. Rather than just one gem, think of ten or even tnty jewels all joined together in a burst of colour and sparkle! This is exactly what inspires me when I work on my more statement pieces for Fruttituttibeadcandy! Here are just a few examples of cluster pieces that are available in the Halloween sale and just why each is a ‘must have’ for every jewellery box! 


There’s something elegantly ghoulish about this shade of green. This waterfall designed necklace is so dramatic while being super wearable at the same time. Its created from pearlescent beads as well as the translucent cystal like beads that are so sparkly! The combination of beads works surprisingly well with lots of colours- especially the deeper rich shades that many of us will be in this winter. Set on a lush gold plated chain, this light piece is also super practical too, an easy way to spruce up your work uniform (Looks lovely with a blouse) as well as being cool enough for evening events.


This attractive cluster look is also beautiful when worn as rings. These pieces are adjustable, so size your ring for your comfort. Here I experimented with different shades and shapes of beads, adding a few pearly beads in there for good measure. I especially enjoyed mixing up the turquois beads with the pinky flat beads in the last ring! Even though most of us will be using our hands to do things all day- this ring is created to feel really light on the hand. You will hardly know that you are wearing it- this design is one of my own personal favorites and a design I turn to over and over again!


This bracelet is just Christmas all rolled into one! Want to get ahead of the festive season this year? Then this is the bracelet for you (or a loved one lucky enough to receive it this year!) However, although it is very Christmassy in feel, the sparkle make this bracelet fabulous as the one statement piece to go with that figure hugging Little Red or Black Dress! There’s plenty of movement with this jewel too- you will love the jingle that it makes every time it moves.

The Halloween sale at Fruttituttibeadcandy is now on- check out my Etsy shop for some fabulous prices for one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery!


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