Fruttituttibeadcandy Go Vintage Luxury!

Do you love all things vintage? Retro is huge in the world of fashion and accessories! Whether you are looking for a subtle twist with some pearl studs or a more statement string of pearls- accessories inspired from the past are all the rage right now. The jewels come in all shapes and forms, find a wide variety of different materials used as well as styles, in fact if it’s an impression that you want to make, then you can do it so well with vintage. It’s a style that I love working with and have added to these new additions on the Fruttituttibeadcandy website:


A top vintage look is undoubtedly the choker! This is a seriously flattering piece of jewellery and has been in vogue for centuries. Think back to French Baroque fashions as well as more modern 1960’s styles. There seems to be a choker for almost every season! With this example I have experimented with the lace and diamante look, combining them both with an aged metal chain and key detail. This very wearable accessory is one that will instantly inject a sense of antique and vintage to any look that you chose!



Gemstons are timeless, they have been around since forever. Find some of the worlds most well known diamonds to be just as wearable today as they were 200 years ago! Ok so we don’t have access to the crown jewels for our jewellery collection, but the gemstone style is just as chic. Often, less is more when it comes to faceted stones, the beauty of each gem can often take over bringing any outfit the perfect dose of glamour! This tennis bracelet is one of these accessories, created with wearability in mind. Love the easy feel of arm bangles and bracelets? This is the jewel for you- created with light blues, crystal clear and navy stones, there is formal as well as playful here. Watch your wrist bling sparkle with every move you make!


There is something about a tarnished surface that can be so attractive. This pattina can happen on the very old gold, silver and gilt even if the jewels have been looked after properly and well loved. In most cases, gold and silver can be cleaned with luke warm soapy water. In other more extreme cases, there maybe some special solution that can help bring back the jewel’s initial lustre. Others prefer this natural aging process, claiming that it just adds to the attractiveness of the piece itself. I have used this idea of tarnished metals with pearls and crystals in this necklace. A double stranded chain is finished off with an antique looking filigree heart.

Stay tuned to Fruttituttibeadcandy for more gorgeous gems!


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