Creeper Head Plush Cushions at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Creativity certainly runs in our family! My 14 year old son Brandon has been offering me some fab inspiration over the past few months. One of his brilliant inventions are his Creeper Head Plushes. A fabulous alternative to Halloween Jack O Lanterns as well as being great decorative pieces. The great things is they work all year round too, keep one or two at the desk to add colour, alternatively stack up four or five for a fun game. The possibilities are endless with the Creeper Head Plushes! 


They are a bit Tetris inspired so your Creeper Head would look in place in a gaming room and so very relevant. But even if you are not a gamer, there are a million and one things your Creeper Head can do! Use it as an inspired decoration for the autumn months and beyond. Forget spending hours carving out that pumpkin head this year, a few of these stacked along the windowsill will make a unique change- especially if you have them made in Halloween/Fall colours. What about Christmas shades to brighten up the home for November and December?

Brandon and I have come up with a set of colour combinations to begin with, however, that’s not to say that we can’t work with you on some fab pieces for your home. Get in touch with us and tell us what you are looking for in your own Creeper Head. Do you want something much bigger? Perhaps something small enough to put on a key chain? Maybe it’s a small bean bag sized creeper for the children’s room? These are handmade so can be tailored to your needs.


Created with a light teddy bear filling, each of the Creeper Heads are able to sit on any table and shelf. The smaller pieces will obviously not take up too much room. But even the larger versions can be moved around easily because they are so light. Know someone that loves the handmade? Why not get them one as a gift, the Tetris and retro computer icon feel make them perfect for anyone who loves retro gaming. Bright and positive colours make them fab for all ages.

Like the look of the Creeper Heads? Get in touch and tell me what size and colour combination you would like for your own home or gift. Like anything handmade I do recommend discussing this and placing an order well in advance as these will take time to make, especially the larger pieces.  Find out more and how to contact me at the Fruttituttibeadcandy etsy shop.


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