Halloween Goodies at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There’s just over a month to go until the 31st October and there is so much to be excited about! All those carved pumpkins in front of homes, the treat or treaters as well as the fabulous costumes of course! How will you be celebrating All Hallows Eve thins year? Do you have a swanky party to go to? Perhaps you will be joining friends and the younger members of your family and trick or treating? The alternative is to stay in the warm with a nice cup of pumpkin soup! Whichever you choose there are some fabulous ways to celebrate this season, one of them being how you accessorize! Even if you are not dressing up as a witch or mummy this year- why not go all out with some of my fabulous creations at Fruttituttibeadcandy? 


Pumpkins are the epitome of Halloween-at no other time of the year will we find those intricately carved out pumpkin heads adorning the fronts of our homes and gardens. A bit of fun for some, but serious decorating for others who love this time of year. But not all of us have the space to put a carved jack O Lantern, maybe we don’t have the time to carve one? In either case, why not wear your Halloween pumpkins as earrings? Not as full sized versions but small beaded handmade earrings? These pair feature three pumpkins going from small sized to the largest at the bottom. Their sweet but scary faces will peer out from your ears and give your seasonal look a fun twist this year and every Halloween to come!


All things creepy are in at this time of year. Scared of spiders? So many are and September happens to be the month they all seem to appear here in the U.K. But these delicate creatures make a wonderful addition to nature in the autumn. Think of all those light spider webs in the rain, the light strings catching the morning dew and droplets in the winter. Spiders are celebrated in all cultures and even more so when on jewellery! This choker pendant and chain make for a wonderful addition to any spooky outfit you will be wearing this October the 31st. Made with Toho beads and a blackened chain for added effect, you can be sure to spin a web of intrigue for all your Halloween party guests this year!



Something wickedly chic this way walks at Halloween! Yes that could be you in these fab witchy pumpkin earrings! Created with the cutest coloured beads, the pumpkins are perfect for that stylishly scary look at Halloween. They are just the right size to be totally wearable. The beads are light too, so your hanging pumpkin earrings won’t weigh you down, in fact you won’t even know you are wearing them. Easy to put in and take off with their fish hooks, these are the ideal earrings to see anyone though All Hallows Eve.

Do you adore Halloween as much as I do? Take a look at the new Halloween goodies at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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