Go Green for Halloween with Fruttituttibeadcandy

There are many colours that are associated with the Autumn, gold’s and rust reds are just two examples. But there are also the ghoulish colours that are linked to the next big holiday thats coming up- Halloween. As the days start to get darker, we start to bring in more colour to brighten things up- and why not? There’s no reason why we can’t look good at Samhain, regardless of whether you celebrate this international celebration of the dead. You don’t need to drape yourself in skull and bones to look the part either- here are some ways to support October the 31st without compromising in style!

The day of the dead celebrations are known for being the day when folk celebrate their dead with sugar skulls and partying. This is where your style can come in, this day of the dead macrame bracelet is heavily inspired by the cool shamballa bracelets that are all the rage right now. The only difference is that this piece sports cite carved skulls in bright colours: orange, yellow and of course a ghoulish green. This is fun jewelleryat it’s best, comfortable on the eye as it is to wear. A lovely casual piece that can work well with your other bracelets for a seasonal look- but I will be wearing mine all year round!


Green can be one of the chicest colours around- take a look at the green filigree detailing on this adjustable steampunk style watch ring! Along with the pretty rhinestones is a vibrant shade of green. This is a lovely piece if you are thinking about glamming up a zombie inspired Halloween costume. The delicate stones and metallic shine of the quartz movement watch detail can be just as shiny and effective as any faceted gemstone on your fingers. This is an adjustable ring so it will fit any size hand, wear it as a thumb ring or a pinky ring- the choice is yours.


Shades of Green can be worn as darker colours too. Here a green organza ribbon is threaded loosely through a chain a long alongside a rope of glass beads above it. Separated by a string of peach beads, this brassy toned necklace is a must have when doing a more subtle and stylish look for Halloween. Wear with a lower cut top to really show off this beauty at its full effect.

There is just over a month and a half to go before the big day itself, it’s never too early to get that party outfit ready: Take a look at the selection at Fruttituttibeadcandy for more greens for Halloween.


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