Get Dressy: Autumn Elegance at Fruttituttibeadcandy

The days have become unmistakably colder as September has begun. But there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to fashion! There will be the deeper more bold colours back in vogue. Take a look at some of those more sultry silhouettes that will be hitting the stores soon. Jewellery is as bold and eccentric as ever, there’s no better time to sport the giant gemmed earrings- or even that statement necklace that gets all the attention at parties! Speaking of parties- it’s the season of get togethers, so preparing your jewellery box for those special nights out could help you in the months ahead. Here’s my pick of some important pieces that will see you through party season…


A chic necklace will see most of us through from Halloween parties right to those New Year’s shin digs. But a wearable necklace is a must, you will be wearing it for hours so comfort is a big plus here. These delicately coiled links and faceted Swarovski beads have no sharp edges or points that could dig into the skin. It is simply a chic and very easy to wear work of art! As a handmade piece each version will be different, so your piece will literally be a ‘one off’, jewellery that will help you shine wherever you want to wear it!


A bright colour for a very poignant stone, Turquoise has many meanings all over the world, however, it does make a real style statement. These earrings are over sized and fabulous, the bright greeny blue will be spotted from across the room. Dressy enough to be worn for your Halloween, Christmas or New Years Office do. They are big and shapely enough to be all the jewellery that you need, simply hook them in pierced ears and you are ready to go for instant glamour. Not that these earrings are most effective when worn with the hair up.


Cocktail rings have been around for ages- Elizabeth Taylor had a whole room full of them. But now we know why- they are the best thing when it comes to sprucing up a party outfit! The celebrities all know this secret, a large over sized ring with their chic evening wear  and slick up do mean they are red carpet worthy in no time. This butterfly ring is the perfect example of how statement can stand out. The brass base is the perfect setting for a series of blood red glass beads to surround the wings. Ghoulish glamour, festive fun or both- you decide!

These are just three fab examples of how you can be jewellery-ready for the party season, take a look at the rest of the collection at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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