Rita Ora’s Pearl Style for Fruttituttibeadcandy

Rita Ora at the V Festival ©www.company.co.uk

Rita Ora at the V Festival ©www.company.co.uk

Last week we saw Rita Ora in one of her most glamorously daring outfits ever! Pearls are some of the most glam precious stones known. Created in the depths of the oceans in some of the worlds most exotic locations- each has it’s own lustre and surface shine. Rita Ora is clearly a star that appreciates fine jewellery when she sees it! Covered in a combination of ripped denim and pearls, she showed us all just how elegant this casual chic combination can be! Well you can do your own pearl style for the festival season and beyond-Here are just some tips on getting your own personal celebrity style.


A close up of the pearls ©www.globalgrind.com

A close up of the pearls ©www.globalgrind.com

Wrist and neck bling in all sorts of dramatic shapes and sizes is on the style menu this summer. Although pearls are seen as more elegant that over stated, it can still say something about the wearer. Here five large pearls stand out from the crowd, set in a bracelet with Swarovski beads. The stitch used is known as a ‘St Petersburg’ stitch. The fastening is almost undetectable and hidden among the delicate swirls that make up this piece. If you are looking for jewellery that brings a real sense of the classic- then this is the bracelet for you!


Bling up those fingers too with a giant cocktail ring made entirely of pearl inspired beads. The weaer is spoilt for choice with the different sizes and colours. Find a sweet salmon pink and peach with the deepest of exotic black pearly beads. Like all the pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy it’s beautifully handmade, each bead is fitted on securely with a polished head pin. There is movement with this ring too, a ring that you can feel and play with as it is worn! The adjustable ring makes it easy to fit any finger size.


Rita Ora decked out her hair in pearls for the V Festival- we don’t have to go that far- but we can rock pearls on our heads too! Try wearing your gorgeous gems on a tiara instead! There is the glamour of a princess look as well as standing out from traditional jewellery. I adore the more unusual ways to wear gems- and you can get more regal than a intricate tiara! There’s a great mix of pearls as well as diamante’s here- so a piece that can be worn with almost anything!


Love pearls as much as Rita Ora does? Get your own celebrity-inspired Pearl Look at Fruttituttibeadcandy today!


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