Designer Dangles at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There’s something to be said for the right pair of earrings. Not only will they glam up your ears but they can totally transform a whole outfit. Take the street chic or big hoop earrings or the delicate and subtle nature of diamante studs. Each of these two earrings will bring a different effect to any outfit they happen to be worn with. I love the power that earrings have over an outfit, especially the more dramatic dangle earrings that are available. Here are some of my own designs at Fruttituttibeadcandy:


Colour and wear-ability go hand in hand with this pair of earrings! A simple hook means that the wearer can just slip them in pierced ears for instant glam on the go! The positive pinks, green and peach only add to the jewellery making them stand out against the silver coiled wire links. It’s the pearls and their shades that are a big part of what makes these jewels go with anything. They are light enugh to work well with a blouse and smart trousers- perfect for work or any other formal occasion. A great pair for a fresh and chic girls night out too!


Chandelier earrings are some of the most dramatic jewellery ever! They range from the smaller daintier jewels to the supersized statement making jewellery. These earrings are just perfect for a number of different days out. There is more than a gothic theme to these with the filigree and gun metal grey surface. The tough chainmaille style hangings are almost armour like. It’s the clash of the scarlet Czech glass beads against the silver that make these earrings stand out. A lovely and smart pair of earrings to be worn wherever you want to make an impression!



Sticking with the theme of the armour/chainmaille style, These earrings offer a softer alternative. They are delicate with lighter more relaxing blues at the ends of the chains. The contrast is a subtle one here so these earrings can be worn anywhere. Super easy to wear with hook fastenings at the top, these jewels are so light you will hardly know that you are wearing them.

Love what you see? There is plenty more earing candy to be had – Check out the latest selection of dangle earrings at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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