Sexy Spikes for the Season!

Love them or hate them- there is a punky spike look for almost every occasion and for every type of personality. We adore the really sharp spikes that bring a dangerous edgy feel to a contemporary look. Even if you hapen to be going retro with your outfit- spikes are the way to go! For me they are statement elements more than anything else, larer bigger spikes on jewellery will stand out a mile and will make sure that you and your outfit is noticed. Spikes work well with other elements, bright red lipstick and leather are just a couple that spring to mind. But it’s such a versatile part of jewellery that it can be worn in almost any way you like. Here are just some examples of how you can do spikes in a chic and very wearable way…


The tribal look is one that stands out from the crowd. It’s exotic as well as being a powerful trend, one that is very chic at the moment. Spikes make up a huge part of this and look fabulous on this blue glass collar necklace. I chose to use gold spikes because of the striking colour combination that this metallic has against the deep blues and purple beads on the chain. It’s created in a choker style and the spikes hang down below- but you don’t need to worry, each spike is rounded off neatly at the ends so it’s a blunt sharp look that is very wearable!


The beads as well as the design make this the perfect addition for any special occasion. Team it with a low cut or collared dress for the perfect way to show off that decolletage. Why not add it to your high neck jumper for all those winter gatherings this year? It can be shown off perfectly against a black high necked roll top jumper for instance. More of a statement jewellery piece than a necklace, this jewelled addition can be dressed up easily and quickly at any time of the year.


Loved spiked wristwear? There’s no better place to rock the spikes than on one’s arms! Think about rocking the spikes on one’s arms for a change of style. This bracelet can easily be worn as a statement jewel as part of the everyday. It’s a cool and easy way to add glamour to even the most mundane of work outfits. It’s a large spike covered cuff that maybe the only thing that you need for a chic night out- the important thing here is that it is very wearable too.

These are just a couple of ways to do the spike trend well this season and beyond –  Take a look at the rest of my collection at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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