Everyday Jewellery: Comfort Vs Style

There’s no doubt that most jewellery adds a certain glamour and finishing touch to any boring everyday outfit. Think of that favorite bangle you love to just slip on with your other bracelets or even a cute pair of clip on earrings just perfect for work. But can you really have it all when wearing jewellery? By ‘having it all’ I mean being comfortable as well as getting easy and quick style. Effortless fashion is what we all aim for- beautiful jewellery that we hardly know that we are wearing! Here are a few pieces that I know you will just love being seen in all day everyday! 

Crystals are ultra glam wherever they happen to be worn. Earrings in particular are a great place to wear them. Think back to the giant gems worn by the late Elizabeth Taylor, especially the earrings! They work well with all sorts of different hairstyles and outfits. These dangle drop earrings are light, both in style as well as design. The clear crystal colouring mean that these earrings can be worn with practically anything, perfect as subtle glamour during the daytime, they can easily be dressed up for the evening for all sorts of events and gatherings.


I love arm candy, for me it makes for some of the most versatile and easy-to-wear jewellery around. The brilliant thing about this bracelet is that you can easily forget that you are wearing it! The leather is soft enough when worn against the skin, the metal section only adds to the special feeling. This bracelet is made extra glamorous with ‘Love’ printed on them. A great piece of jewellery for your collection, no matter what time of year it happens to be!


Arm candy and bracelet bling can come in all different shapes and forms! I love pieces of jewellery that are reminiscent of a different time and style. There is more than a hint of the Victorian with this bracelet. Upon the woven cord there sits a small cameo charm, complete with silver leaf. The fastening is just as special as the rest of the piece, the quaint T-Bar detail makes this jewelled accessory even prettier. A wonderful addition if you happen to be rocking a vintage outfit, but even if you aren’t, these subtle hints from the past can be just as special.

Love the jewellery featured in this blog? Take a look at the rest of the Fruttituttibeadcandy collection here. Take advantage of the summer sale, there are great discounts to be had on many of the items on the site!


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