Cute Pinks for the summer time!

There’s nothing better than a lighter colour in the warm weather- it instantly makes us feel cooler and more relaxed. The lighter pinks are among these more cooler of colours, and a shade that I adore working with. For a start it is a positive hue, wear it with almost any style or fashion and light pink will instantly work. Wear a piece of pink jewellery with other gems and it becomes a great addition to the collection. Here are just some ways to do Pink this season at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Pink is a great colour on it’s own, it also works beautifully when worn with other colours- take this ring as a prime example! Here the pearly pink is teamed with greys and peaches for a unique and very feminine look. This adjustable ring uses silver links to hold each of the beads sturdily onto the base, but there is still enough room for movement as the colous intertwine. A lovely and very wearable ring for all seasons!



Pink with gold is an eternal colour combination that works well in almost any capacity! This cute pink glass heart bead sits beautifully on a dangle chain. It’s the finer details here that make a huge difference, the tiny pink beads at the end of the dangle chains as well as the small pink glass beads on the chain itself all make a difference.  This is a necklace that ca be worn everyday but it special enough to be worn for those romantic evenings out.




I love the look of arm candy, bracelets are a wonderful addition to anyone’s jewellery box precisely because they are so wearable. I love how these wrist bands can be quite casual, inject a little gold and glamour and it’s the perfect accessory for a night out! Wrist bands in all their guises can easily be mixed and matched, wear your more glitzy wristbands with your rubber fan wrist bands for a quirky festival chic style. Here pink takes centre stage as the leather band holding together the bracelet.

Looking for something to give your outfit that summertime life this season? Take a look at the fun and feminine pinks at Fruttituttibeadcandy!





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