Great Summer Style with Ribbons!

Summer is a time when we can get away with rocking almost any style, but it’s also some of the more subtle aspects that interest me. The type of bead that maybe used, perhaps the finish on the surface that makes it glimmer in the sunlight. Colour is of huge consequence, the right shade on a necklace can make a holiday tan look amazing! Materials make a big impact, take a look at the collection at Fruttituttibeadcandy and you will find everything from polymer clay to glass faceted beads. Ribbon is one of the versatile materials I enjoy working with, it can be tied, left loose, hold beads, anything goes with ribbon!

For ceturies ribbon was used as a way to fasten jewellery as well as clothing. Women would use the most luxuriously textured ribbon to hold together their cosets as well as elegant choker necklaces. These uses still exist today but it’s not more about experimenting with these fabric strips. Here I have used thin organza ribbon as part of the jewellery rather than as a fastening. The thinner fabric adds a sense of the tactile to the metal, bringing an overall bohemian feel to the jewellery. A great piece to go well as part of an eclectic outfit at any time of the year.


Ribbons can be worn elsewhere on one’s person. How about the more non traditional of body adornments? Key chains as well as bag charms. It’s here that we are able to get that great ribbon look while being practical at the same time. Ribbons when tied in bows are ultra cute on chains, they are pretty sturdy too so will be able to be put through their paces in all walks of life. These little bag charms will add glitz and glamour to the everyday without you even having to try! Just clip on these bag charms and you are good to go!



The ribboned fastening is an age old way to keep necklaces in place- it’s a stylish one too. Organza ribbon is delicate to the touch but surprisingly strong too, it’s enough to hold a breast plate styled collar made from Czech glass beads. Tie it up in a bow or let it hang loosely between the shoulders, this organza ribbon becomes a feature in itself.

Love the look of ribbon? Get it for yourself with any of the softer ribbon pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy. I’m happy to create the perfect piece for you with ribbons-get in touch to design your very own gorgeous jewels!


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