Superstar Style: Sandra Bullock at 50!

She’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, known all over the world for her roles in Speed and The Blindside. We haven’t seen her take on a leading role for sometime now, however, this doesn’t mean that the star has lost any of her appeal, she’s as chic and as stylish as ever! Last week Sandra Bullock celebrated her 5oth birthday- a landmark not only for her personally but also for her look too. Known for her long brunette locks and curvaceous figure, Sandra Bullock shows us that you can only get better as you get older! Here are some of my current favourite looks from the star…


Actress Sandra Bullock at 50. ©

Actress Sandra Bullock at 50. ©

Sandra was known for many years as ‘the girl next door’, her soft casual good looks made her a hit all over the world. But she does scrub up well when donning those sensational evening gowns, the star truly sparkles on the red carpet, making her a style icon to be reckoned with. Here she works the diamonds on this evening outfit in a very sleek way. They are on her belt as taking the form on some shining dangle earrings with straightened glossy locks. The whole ensemble is designed to show off her to-die-for figure in a chic ruffled designed dress.


Looking sensational in Jade on the red carpet!©

Looking sensational in Jade on the red carpet!©

Daring colour is no problem for this star, here she steps out onto the red carpet in an amazing deep emerald colour. The big tie at the waist on the dress is super flattering and just accents the evening dress’s chic style. It’s the finer details here that make a difference, the tiniest of diamante studs and a bling cocktail ring can be all that is needed to make your statement evening outfit into a seriously fabulous one!


Demure and decadent at an event ©

Demure and decadent at an event ©

As an actress, Sandra Bullock has always been an advocate for the real woman’s figure. Curvy and sensual, all her assets are accented in this fishtail skirt dress. The long train makes it ultra luxurious too- however it’s the jewellery here that takes centre stage- Take a look at the diamonds on her ears! These cute cluster earrings are a must have for real celebrity style. Looking for something unique? Get in touch with me for a pair of jewelled earrings that are one of a kind, made just for you!

Stay tuned for more of my favorite celebrity looks, also check out the Fruttituttibeadcandy website for more classically cool jewellery for your own style! 


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