Berry beads and more at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Beads come in all shapes and sizes, they have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Artists and jewellers have had a chance to experiment with the look of beads and how they fit. As a result you can find beads in a variety of different shapes and sizes. I love looking at how to step over the traditional boundaries when it comes to beads. This also includes texture as well as finish! Here are just a few pieces that take a challenging and contemporary look at how beads are used in jewellery…


Wire doesn’t need to be hidden when it comes to that pearl necklace. What if the beads around your neck were held together by very visible wire or string? Perhaps they could become part of the design? This is the idea I was working with when creating this masterpiece! The metallic finished beads all sit in their own space, the larger beads give the impression that they are almost floating on air! I love the almost architectural feel of these beads, they make for a great modern looking piece of jewellery, one that can be worn everyday!


Although vintage in it’s appeal, the mix of large stones with the muted gun metal greys make for a lively interpretation of this boho piece. Long necklaces are known for being casual at their core- we all loved them in the 60’s and 70’s and then well into the 1980’s too. They are a very wearable style to this day too. This is designed to be a dressier piece, the sort of necklace that can accessorize any chic evening gown. The thin necklace boasts plenty of detail at the pendant, so it can work well with the plainer of low cut dresses. The high shine finish also makes this piece a big hit for any evening gathering.


Shape is a huge part of any jewellery, in most cases it will either compliment your personality or not. But for certain styles and looks there is that universal appeal! Along with the traditional round beads, one can find almost any shape under the sun. The flat and square shaped beads on this bracelet show just how versatile they can be. There is a slight curve to each, this serves to ensure that each piece ‘lifts’ creating a very unique effect. This bracelet is also available in a deep purple.

Love the idea of unique beads? Take a look at Fruttituttibeadcandy for more pieces to inspire! Maybe you have a cool idea of your own? Get in touch and perhaps we will be able to make your dream piece a reality!


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